Reiki Programs


Private Reiki Sessions


Receiving Reiki is a very simple process that can produce quite profound effects. The session begins by lying down on a massage table, fully clothed, closing your eyes and listening to gentle, soothing music, which helps to produce a state of deep relaxation. Then the Reiki practitioner will gently rest their hands upon you, non-intrusively, in a series of positions from the crown of the head to the feet.

Each hand position is held for a few minutes, and during this time healing energy will flow into you, balancing your energy system, releasing stress, soothing pain, and promoting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. As the energy flows, most people will feel warmth, or heat, or tingling from the Practitioner's hands. It is usually a very relaxing experience: some people fall asleep. Other sensations may include seeing colours or feeling as if you are floating. Sometimes people have an emotional release, as emotional turmoil is brought to the surface and dissipated. 

Private Reiki Investment:         $100 for 1.5 hour session  - Adults

                                                 $60 for youth and children 17 yrs and under
                                                 (session length will be based on the needs of the child)

Reiki Training

Join Reiki Masters, Joanne Boruck and Carmen Lacey. They will be offering Reiki Level I and II training and attunements.

WHEN: November 25 & 26, 2017
WHERE:#3, 5623 Wolf Creek Drive, Lacombe, AB
TIMES: Level 1 (Saturday) & Level 2 (Sunday) 9:00am - 5:00pm
Re-usable mug with a lid, Journal, wear comfy clothing
Day 2 - Level 2 (bring pendulum if you have one)

Level 1 - is approx. 7 hours of instruction and hands on work.  Level 1 focuses on healing yourself.
Level 1 Investment - $150.00
Level 2 - is approx. 8 hours with much more indepth information.  Level 2 practitioners are trained to provide Reiki treatments to others.
Level 2 Investment - $200.00
Discount $300.00 if Level 1 & 2 are completed in the same weekend.
Reiki teachings are passes on to new practitioners through a combination of formal teachings, hands on practice and an attunement process from a Reiki Master.  Level 1 focuses on learning to heal yourself.  Students will learn about the energy fields of the body called chakras, the ancient symbols used in the practice will participate in a self healing session.  Level 2 focuses on healing others.  Students will learn 2 more symbols used in the practice and will learn the positions used in giving Reiki sessions to another person.  Both Level 1 & 2 training also include an attunement to the Reiki energy.

Effects of Reiki

      Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself by enhancing and supporting the immune system.

  • Reiki may relieve stress and helps the body to relax - sleep better, etc.
  • Reiki vitalizes the mind and body.
  • Reiki can help you overcome habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, overeating, etc.
  • Reiki balances the body’s energies giving a feeling of harmony and wholeness.
  • Reiki loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation.
  • Reiki cleanses the body of toxins promoting good health.
  • Reiki adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient.
  • Reiki can help relieve pain.
  • Reiki is safe for children, adults, elderly and those recovering from injury or illness.



Reclaiming your Goddess Workshop 

Facilitator: Carmen Lacey, Head to Soul Connections

Do you feel like you have lost yourself? Have you lost your confidence and belief in yourself?  In this intense, 6 week program you will learn to release the limiting beliefs that keep you from living your true power. You will reactivate the deep inherent, often forgotten feminine power within you. It is a vital key to dissolving the common problems in modern day relationships by revisiting the heart. Registered program only. Please check back for details when next program will be running.

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