Children & Youth

Our children's occupational therapy and yoga programs are designed to help kid's become more confident and to build their self esteem. We use traditional occupational therapy techniques along with yoga, music, art and relaxation techniques to empower youth. 

"I sought out To the Stars for my anxious 6 year old who was having trouble coping with grade 1 school. She was nervous about too many things for her age and I realized she needed a program to help her cope. To the Stars was EXACTLY what she needed and more. In the Girl's Empowerment class Kari and Erin are teaching her more than I could have hoped about coping and dealing with her feelings. She has been going to the class for 6 months now and has learned to categorize and communicate to me how she is feeling and then go and deal with her negative emotions almost all on her own. She can calm herself down in high stress situations. I find it amazing she is soaking up so much emotional information at her young age. Kari has also been so friendly and open to me as a parent and has taught me how to deal with an emotional anxious child. It has bettered our home life and my daughter's school life significantly. I'm so happy I have found this program and have recommended it to everyone I know. We ourselves will be clients of Kari's girls empowerment class and Erin's yoga classes for a long, long time. - Parent

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