Private Occupational Therapy Services

From the moment you walk into our centre you will feel the care and commitment we bring to our services. We will take time to understand and listen to your needs and what wellness means for you, your child and your family. From the beginning you will feel a sense of team and commitment; we are here for you. Our therapists are highly trained with many years’ experience. We pride ourselves in finding creative solutions and strategies that meet your needs. 

IMG_7504.jpgChildren (any may apply)

  • Sometimes my stress or anxiety prevents me from doing things I like.
  • I have difficulty with social skills and struggle to make friends.
  • I have difficulty focusing at school.
  • I seem clumsy and I have started to avoid gym and other sports.
  • I have a disability and I want to be more independent.
  • I have difficulty with small tasks like printing, managing fasteners and using scissors.
  • I have trouble keeping up in class with writing activities.
  • I seem more sensitive than other kids my age. I dislike certain textures and touch, strong smells bother me and I may feel overwhelmed in busy or noisy settings.
  • I seem less sensitive than other kids my age. I seem clumsy, I miss cues and have trouble in social situations.


  • I want to understand my child’s needs better. I see them getting frustrated but I don’t know how to help.
  • My child is so sensitive, they cry easily and seem to get overwhelmed in busy situations. How can I help?
  • My spouse and I are struggling to know how to parent our child. We have different approaches and it is causing tension in our home.
  • I want my child to be more independent.
  • My child has a disability, now what?


Occupational Therapists may assist with:

  • Fine motor development. (Managing fasteners, using scissors, coloring, drawing, grasp development, printing skills)
  • Visual motor skills. We look at imitation through movement games, drawing tasks and play to ensure that children are developing this important area for eye hand coordination, visual attention and perception.
  • Visual perception. This area looks at how children interpret and understand what they see. This may be linked to attention, reading skills and social development.
  • Sensory processing and Emotional Regulation This area looks at how children respond to different types of stimuli in their environment such as loud noises, bright lights, touch, movement, smell and taste.
    • Children who struggle with sensory processing may be overly sensitive; picky eaters, sensitive to tags and textures of clothing, become overwhelmed easily.
    • They may also be underaroused; seem lethargic, difficult to motivate,  and may have challenges with printing and other physical tasks.
  • Self care. 
    • Feeding
    • Toilet training
    • Dressing
    • Organization
  • Play skills. This one of the most important occupations of a child, requiring complex thinking, emotional processing and physical skill. Play requires self regulation and the ability to compromise with others. It involves creative and flexible thinking. It also requires physical skill, coordination and balance. Our goal in therapy is to make it fun whenever possible to help support children in this very important skill.


We will hold your hand each step of the way, encouraging, teaching and empowering… 
until you are ready to walk, run and dance on your own.”

Call the office to book your initial consultation at 403.786.0006 or email admin(at)

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