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Next Summer Camps Start July 2020

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Summer Star Camp  

Ages 5-7

This fun filled camp is for children of all ability levels! This is an opportunity to come out and engage in a variety of games, crafts and activities with other children, while also learning about concepts such as of being part of a group, personal space, and cooperation with others.

Great for kids who:

- Would benefit from a camp style environment but like a smaller group
- Require a little more support to engage with a group setting
- May require activities to be broken down or adapted to ensure they feel confident and successful

Social Star Camp 

Ages 8-10 yrs

This camp will introduce kids to social thinking concepts to help them learn to think about others and learn key concepts to be part of a group. Crafts, discussions and games will be a key part of the group, allowing members to practice concepts with support and coaching in a fun environment. We will address key concepts such as thinking thoughts and feeling feelings, the group plan and thinking with your eyes from the Social Thinking Curriculum ©.

Great for kids who:

- struggle in group situations or may need more support reading social cues
- would benefit from coaching and practice within a supportive group setting
- feel a bit overwhelmed in groups or social situations and may shy away from large groups
- may get a bit too controlling (or even bossy) in social groups and would benefit from coaching to learn how to work together
- want to feel more confident in social situations from family gathering,  school events or even ordering or engaging in casual conversation with a server at a restaurant or grocery store clerk

Motor Explorers

Ages 5-10

In this fun and creative camp kids will explore and participate in a variety of gross motor games, sensory play opportunities and arts and crafts. Skills that will be targeted include core strength, gross motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, fine motor and motor planning. This program is open to all ability levels.

This camp is perfect for kids:

- Who love to run, move and explore but may require a bit of help with coordination or to break activities down
- Who may shy away from running and active games
- Who want to participate in games and crafts but need a smaller group to feel comfortable
- Who have worked hard this year to learn new motor skills and want to keep growing and learning

R n R group (Regulation and Relationships) 

Ages 10-13 

This group is for kids who are a bit older and ready to learn ways to manage their own feelings and reactions. We will learn how our brains and bodies work together and what happens when we feel anxious, overwhelmed or angry. We will learn ways to regulate our bodies to access the best parts of our thinking brains. We will combine cognitive or thinking strategies with regulation to help participants learn how to navigate and succeed in social situations.

This groups would be a great fit for kids who may:

- Feel uncomfortable in group situations and want to learn ways to manage overwhelm
- Become angry or lose control when they feel misunderstood
- Are wanting to learn ways to be more independent in managing their emotions and reactions

*Note: This group is not appropriate for kids who require individual support to be part of a group. Please contact our office to inquire about the best fit for your child.

*Your child’s safety and enjoyment are our number one priority. We keep our numbers low and all camps are facilitated by an experienced occupational therapist. However, if your child requires one to one support, it is up to the family to arrange someone to provide that support. Parents, respite workers or other adults are more than welcome to join and have shared that they received great support and education during the week from our team.*

* Each camp requires a minimum of 6 participants to run. If the camp is cancelled by To the Stars Occupational Therapy for any reason, a full refund will apply.

* Registrations are taken on a first come first serve basis.

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