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"Inspiring, confidence building, friendship building, fun"...these are just a few of the words used by kids to describe what these groups have meant to them. The foundation of these groups is built on relationship, we listen to what the group wants, we start every class with a check in to give every participant a chance to speak and be heard. The group is designed around what the kids are asking for or talking about. Past classes have focused to manage my anger, how to deal with anxiety about tests, how to speak up to peers when I don't feel confident, how to share my feelings with my family or friends. These groups are a favorite of our staff because they are SO POWERFUL! Here is a little general information about these fabulous programs.


Social STARS Group

10-14 yrs old

This group is for kids who are a bit older to help work on social thinking concepts such as being part of a group, noticing emotions and thoughts in others, flexible thinking and how to be a friend. This group is designed for kids who might struggle in group situations or may need more support in reading social cues. We will also work on regulation and lean about how this connects to our social engagement with others. Games, activities, and group projects will be a key part of the group allowing members to practice these ideas with support and coaching as needed.

*Note: This group is not appropriate for kids who require individual support to be part of a group

Social distancing and Covid-19 protocols will be put into place for the in-person group. Masks will be mandatory.

Date: Tuesday November 10th and then Wednesday evenings every week following - November 18  - December 16, 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 6-7 pm

Location: In Person #201-3402 AB 12 Lacombe / OR via Zoom

Investment: $250 for 6 Weeks

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Any of our groups can be brought into the school setting. To explore options for your students, please contact us.

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